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During this year we focus on helping students to prepare for middle school life and positive role modeling for younger students. As a school we use the Friends program to support students in making good choices in life. This occurs once a week and all information is located on our counselors website. Students will have the opportunity to show leadership within the school, both in their classrooms and in the building as a whole.  Leadership roles are important in building positive school culture.  Students will also have more opportunity to manage their personal time through tracking their schoolwork on Power School.

Throughout the year students will experience and hopefully learn how to become more organized, be self-directed, solve problems, demonstrate leadership and learn good time management.

Some typical challenges in this year are: the transition from elementary to middle school feel, time management, developing and maintaining positive healthy relationships and work load. In this transition some students will find it difficult to manage conflict involving their peers, older students, and those younger than themselves.  Throughout all this, we coach students in decision-making, allowing them to make choices, and living by those choices in a caring atmosphere.

The curriculum guides and expectations for students are located on our grade tab on our website.  However, you can expect that your student may have up to a half hour of schoolwork or daily review each evening.  There is a designated enrichment time when students can complete any missing work or receive additional assistance, usually at lunch recess. Consequences to missed assignments may result in loss of privileges (ie: stay in at recess).  Parents and students can use Power School to track their marks and assignments.

The primary modes of communication for the school as a whole are our Newsletters, Website and Email.  These communications are for informational items on school activities, initiatives, and items needing your response. In our grade level you can expect your child to record in their agenda. You may also receive daily emails at the end of the school day. As stated above, Power School is also a level of communication for academic tracking. We encourage every family to be involved in learning this wonderful system. You will receive a letter home in September outlining how to sign up. You can also call the office any time if you need assistance with the system,

  • Introduction to percentage grades and use of Power School.
  • Students receive three rounds of vaccinations.
  • Grade 5s are classified as elementary students at Langdon School.
  • Students must have signed permission to leave school grounds at lunch.
  • Students are allowed to use the microwaves at lunch.
  • Students can become School Patrollers.

Generally, we take three field trips during the year. The approximate cost for each trip is $20.00.

Tips For Parents

  1. Parents should encourage their children to review concepts on a regular basis regardless of upcoming assessments.
  2. Parents should encourage their children to try and perform their assignments to the best of their ability. If students are struggling with course material encourage students to seek extra support from their classroom teachers.
  3. Parents should have their children show and explain recently covered work to them as part of a regular review of important concepts.

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.