Facts About Math

Developing basic literacy and numeracy skills is a primary focus from Kindergarten to Grade 4, and a continued focus through to Grade 12 in Rocky View Schools and across the province.

Math Education in Rocky View Schools & Alberta

As with all programs of study, Alberta Education is responsible for developing the math curriculum, while teachers are responsible for its delivery. Alberta's math curriculum has a balance between constructing math concepts and number facts and operations. By the end of Grade 3, student are expected to commit to memory addition and subtraction facts to 18, and by Grade 5 multiple and division facts up to 9 x 9. As students mature, they build on these math concepts by applying them to activities, solving problems, and later transferring them to real world tasks. This includes personal budgeting, constructing projects, and higher level applications such as statistics.

As every child learns differently, a single approach to learning would allow only some students to succeed. Rocky View teachers employ a variety of approaches to address the learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and developmental stages of each child.

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