Grade 8

Welcome to Grade 8


Frequently Asked Questions

In grade 8 we are looking for solid leadership from our students.  We give them many opportunities to lead our school and grow their ability to affect change in their world.  They have a strong knowledge of Langdon School and have the ability to help children in all the levels.  There is a higher accountability for actions as students in all grades look towards them to be the example. We expect the hallmarks of a 21st Century Learner to be present in how our students interact with education.

Implementing a one-to-one program (computer based learning) in all grade 8 classes can be difficult for some students.  Students will go through training to help them in their understanding of how to be safe online, with their devices and in a 21st Century world.  However, students ultimately make their own choices in how they interact with others and how they will use their technology.

Students will experience a higher level of independent learning while being challenged to think critically and explore various options when completing work.

All homework, assignments and pertinent information is located in our Moodle courses.  All students have access and are responsible for completing assignments, participating in forums and communicating through this platform.

Students will find extended absences create challenges because of an increase in workload.  Work that is missed due to absences is still required, if a student requires an extension, arrangements can be made.  Students will find they will require a quiet place at home to work as they could have up towards a hour a day of work at home.  If a student is struggling to keep up or is finding schoolwork overwhelming, please talk with us as we have supports to help.

In June, students will write multiple choice final examinations in all four (language arts, math, social studies, science) of their core subjects. There will be in-class tutorials to prepare for these exams. The exams are cumulative and will be assessed at 10% of their overall grade. During the exam week, students in grade 6-8 are expected to write their exams and continue with their options and other courses. There will be a modified schedule during this week.

The primary mode of communication with parents for Langdon School as a whole is our newsletters, website and email systems.  This communication is for informational items on school activities, initiatives, and items needing your response.  In our grade level, you can expect communication by teachers through emails, phone calls and teacher classroom calendars.  Parents are also able to view their child’s current grade as well as missing work on PowerParent. You will receive a letter home in September outlining how to sign up.  You can also call the office any time if you need assistance with the system,

Communication with students at the Grade 8 level is through RVS Gmail, Moodle Pages and through classroom calendars.  Students are given a Moodle password that they can share with their families.  This password will enable them to access homework calendars, assignments, notes and any other course content.

We also strongly encourage parents to attend all interview opportunities.

Students in grade 8 require a computer in class (one-to-one environment); rentals are available if a student does not choose to purchase one. Please contact the office the last week of August if you require one. The computer is the responsibility of the student.  We allow students to use personally owned devices (POD) in class at the discretion of the teacher for academic purposes.

It is the responsibility of each student to sign the Internet RVS Policy which clearly states the expectations of students. Generally speaking, students are not permitted to use their cell phones during class time to access social media or text. If the POD is distracting a student from their learning, this problem will be addressed with the student.

Students are able to use various forms of technology to represent their learning in class and we encourage this. Grade 8 core classes utilize Moodle or Web applications for electronic delivery of lessons and assignments. We encourage students to think ‘outside the box’ when working on inquiry projects given to them by their teacher.

  • Curriculum based field trips (2-3, approximately $25 dollar each).
  • Students do not need permission to leave school at lunch break.
  • All students require a computer at grade 8 (one-to-one environment) - please follow this link for more information.
  • The Academic Accountability System is active in grade 8.
  • Mandatory clothing change for Physical Education (this includes proper footwear).
  • Enhanced leadership opportunities.
  • Mentorship with elementary students.
  • Junior Achievement.
  • Eligible for year end awards.

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.