Grade 7

Welcome to Grade 7

The Grade 7 team is looking forward to working with the students currently enrolled in Grade 7 at Langdon School. This year should be an engaging and enlightening journey!


Frequently Asked Questions

During this year we focus on helping students to focus on responsibility. Grade 7 is a transition year where we start to prepare students for a higher rigor of academics while supporting them with social challenges.

Throughout the year students will experience and hopefully learn how to maximize class time and take advantage of help when offered, put forth the responsible attitude of assignments completed on time.  Our goal is help students with managing their time and workload; we do this in conjunction with parents and through our Academic Accountability System.

Some typical challenges in this year are students transitioning into a more demanding academic workload and growing in their emotional well being.  Our Classroom Culture Block helps students in thinking about themselves positively and reflecting on their interactions with others.  We will use a variety of activities to aid students in dealing with school life.  We know that students may become anxious as the pressures of school and life increase; this program helps our culture manage this stress.  Students in this grade also have more independence during lunch hours.  With this freedom comes the responsibility of their actions, at times this is difficult for them as they make choices.   Throughout all this, we coach students in decision-making, allowing them to make choices and living by those choices in a caring atmosphere.

  • Physical Education requires a change of clothing with proper footwear for every class.

The curriculum guides and expectations for students are located on our grade tab on our website.  However, you can expect that students who use class time wisely will finish the work assigned in class throughout the week. Those that have not completed their academic assignments will therefore need to make arrangements to complete their work in the homework room and tutorials occurring at lunch time.  We use an Accountability System in this grade to help students stay “on top” of their assignments and projects.

The primary mode of communication for the school as a whole is our Newsletters, Website and Email.  This communication is for informational items on school activities, initiatives, and items needing your response.  In our grade level you can expect communication by teachers through emails, phone calls and the teacher calendars.  Parents are also able to view their child’s current grade on Power Parent. This will also inform parents of any missed assignments. You will receive a letter home in September outlining how to sign up.  You can also call the office any time if you need assistance with the system,

Students in grade 7 require a computer in class (one-to-one environment); rentals are available if a student does not choose to purchase one. Please contact the office the last week of August if you require one. The computer is the responsibility of the student.  We allow students to use personally owned devices (POD) in class at the discretion of the teacher for academic purposes.

It is the responsibility of each student to sign the Internet RVS Policy which clearly states the expectations of students. Generally speaking, students are not permitted to use their cell phones during class time to access social media or text. If the POD is distracting a student from their learning, this problem will be addressed with the student.

Students are able to use various forms of technology to represent their learning in class and we encourage this. Grade 7 core classes utilize Moodle or Web applications for electronic delivery of lessons and assignments. We encourage students to think ‘outside the box’ when working on inquiry projects given to them by their teacher.

Students write cumulative year-end exams in June that are worth 10% of their overall grade. During the exam week, students in grade 6-8 are expected to write their exams and continue with their options and other courses.

In grade 7 there may be between 3 to 6 field trips related to the social studies and science curriculums.  These trips are at an approximate cost of $25-$35 per field trip.

  • Get the opportunity to chose from a number of different options
  • Change classrooms more than last grade 6
  • There is more independence during class work time
  • Starting to access Moodle, increased work and 21st Century items on computers
  • Year-End exams
  • Student Council and Leadership
  • School Spirit involvement in planning
  • Inquiry Based Projects
  • Students will require to purchase computers for grade 8
  • Eligible for Year-End awards

Land Acknowledgment

Rocky View Schools would like to acknowledge the land and recognize all the Indigenous Peoples whose footprints have marked these lands from time immemorial. Together, we can learn and honour the Ways of Knowing of Indigenous Peoples for all future generations.