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Student Code of Conduct
Public education is a shared responsibility. With students, families, employees and our communities, we are working together every day to build positive learning environments for student success.
Langdon School Closed for Summer
We are now closed for the summer. The office will reopen on Tuesday, August 28. Have a wonderful and safe summer! School restarts on Tuesday, September 4, 2018.
2018/19 Grades 5-9 School Supplies
File 2018/19 School Supplies order through School Start
Your teachers at Langdon School are excited to offer the opportunity to purchase your school supplies through School Start for the 2018/2019 school year. This process will save you both time and money. There are a few simple steps to ensure your child will receive standardized brand name products (specified by each teacher). Your school is eligible to receive $5/kit back!
File Online Gr 7 to 9 CTF Option Courses for 2018-19
Advanced Registration 2018-2019
To register a student, parents/guardians will be asked to provide the following information: Proof of the child’s age and legal name. Documents accepted are: birth certificate, adoption certificate, student authorization visa, Canadian citizenship papers, or permanent landed immigrant/residence documentation; Proof of the child’s address. Documents accepted are: utility bill, bill of sale or lease agreement; House number and street address if you live in a town or city; your 911 address (e.g. 223245 TWP RD) if you live on a farm or an acreage;
File Academic Accountability System
Student Support Model for Langdon
Services for Students at Risk
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