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How Are Students Involved at Langdon?

How can you be involved at school?


Focus Groups

Students have the opportunity to be apart of groups to discuss school direction and to give their ideas.  These ideas are taken seriously and help our school establish goals and directions.

Student Council

Students have the ability to be leaders in their classrooms by actively leading other students in activities and spirit events.  They also are involved in global and local initiatives.


Dynamic programming for students in grade 6 to 9, please see our fee page for more information and athletics page.

Fine Arts

There are many opportunities for students to be involved drama, music, plays and more.


There are opportunities for students to join the recycling club, Eco-Langdon student leadership, and classroom rep.

Friendship Club

Students can join Mrs. Schrauwen with other students to connect with students they not normally come in contact with, making new friends.  The goal of this group is help students make friends and help them feel comfortable at school.

Learning Commons

Learning Commons Club is very active in our school, students work with the librarian in maintaining the Learning Commons, they meet weekly.

Mentor Readers

"Rocky View Reads" is the training program we use to train students in how to read to younger students, how to listen to readers, how to help younger students read.

School Reps

School reps are students who seek opportunities to take leadership in promoting or representing their school in the community (e.g. School Education Plan Video, represent students to student council, m.c.’s for awards and events).

Grade 9 Grad Leadership

A grade 9 student group organizes the year-end events for their class, they work with the grade 9 teachers and possible parent group.
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