Re-entry Parent Survey Question

Thanks to the parents who attended our Langdon School Council meeting last night! We appreciate the advisory capacity of our parents and community. We have Amanda Deeter-Shorrin continuing as the Chairperson and Brandi Lee Mouke as the Vice -chair. We are still looking for a secretary and a treasurer. If you are interested, please attend the next council meeting in September!
Our Trustee, Patty Sproule, fielded a question regarding the RVS Survey for re-entry. A parent asked if it was possible to respond to the RVS Re-entry Survey more than once, considering a child in grade 4 may have very different needs from a child in grade 10. Here is the response:

"If you are prepared to complete the survey more than once, to reflect the needs/concerns/considerations important for these different age groups, your multiple replies would be welcome.  Please feel free to share this with other parents."

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