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Navigate the information highway by checking out the links below. Tips on research and more can be found here as well.
Check out these amazing sites and have fun discovering something new!

Free 24/7 access from anywhere to a wide range of vetted online reference databases (English and French) that support teaching and learning for K-12 schools across Alberta.

Off site: User id:  LA53    Password: 4487

Gr. K-6 Online Reference Centre August updates.

Gr. 7-12 Online Reference Centre August updates.

RVS Approved Online Digital Resources. Link is for RVS staff.

Access Learning videos. Educational videos relating to the curriculum can be viewed here.  Students are required to create their own account.

  • Students = Promo code: RockyV.S Use your Gmail, email address and password.

IMPORTANT: When accessing videos, be sure to choose the MP4 video stream, as it works the best in our environment. This is usually through the Quicktime icon.

***New Fall 2020***

Discovery Education Canada. Langdon students and staff can access a vast selection of videos, lessons, and more in this incredible database.  Use your RVS Google login and password.

Wowzers! Check out the Shaw #CanadaTogether site.  Explore the sites here.  There is something for everyone!

Grades 3-5 LC Novels we were reading during LC Storytelling Time. You may wish to reread or start at where we left off.  Remember...these novels have movies too!

  • Gr. 3 -- Charlie and the Choclate Factory by Roal Dahl.  We left off on Chapter 17: Augustus Gloop Goes Up the Pipe.  Visit the Roald Dahl website for activities and fun information.
  • Gr. 4F -- City of Ember by Jeanne DuPrau. Start at Chapter 11: Lizzie's Groceries.  Visit for more information about the author and her books.
  • Gr. 4/5S -- Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Start at Chapter 12: Stranded.  Visit for more information about the author and her books.
  • Gr. 5T -- Silverwing by Kenneth Oppel. We had just begun to read the Chapter: Echo Chamber.  Visit Kenneth Oppel's Silverwing site and visit the Silverwing Microsite for bat facts and more or, go to for more information about the author and his books.

Youth Teaching Adults Digital Literacy lesson plans. NOTE:  This site is no longer available.  It redirects to the ATA's Web Resources site.

Time to ABC it! Test your shelving skills here at Mrs. Lodge's Library.

Teen Zine news. Marigold e-resource designed with teens in mind. Find out what's trending in books, videos, or digital resources.

Optical illusions. For fun information about how your eyes can fool the brain.  Submitted by Ms. M. Copeland of

eBooks = Excellent books! Try reading an eBook today available “free” via the following online resources on this page.

  • FollettShelf (all ages) accessed via Koha, Destiny Discover app, or  Click on the above Destiny Discover eBooks button. Students use their RVS login and password.
  • Follett/Lightbox interactive eBooks. Free till Aug. 1, 2020.
  • LearnAlberta”s Online Reference Centre’s BookFlix (gr. K-3) or TrueFlix(gr. 4+). Click on the above button. Login(LA53) and password(4487) are required for off school site use.
  • TumbleBooks (gr. K-5). Chestermere Public Library offers this. Now free access.
  • Click here to access Calgary Public Library's Tumblebooks without logging in.  Scroll down the list, "A-Z Resources" to find TumbleBookLibrary.
  • TumbleMath (gr. K-5) books and lesson plans via Chestermere Public Library.  Free access till Aug. 31/20
  • TeenBookCloud via Chestermere Public Library.  Free access till Aug. 31/20 or,  TeenBookCloud via Calgary Public Library's free access.

Planning a trip? Whether it is within Canada or around the world, Culturegrams is the place to go.  You'll find in on LearnAlberta's Online Reference Centre.

Scholastic Canada. Explore books, videos,  reading activities, and more for students, parents and teachers.

Usborne Quicklinks For more information, use your Usborne book and go to the Usborne quicklinks website then enter in the book's keyword(s).

Teen reads can be found at Marigolds's teensBookingit.  There's something for everyone here!

Report to do?  Don't know where to start? Visit the links below to help.

BibMe.Our citation guides provide detailed information about all types of sources in MLA, APA, Chicago and Turabian styles. Remember to evaluate your sources for accuracy and credibility."  []  Follow the directions to create your citation and bibliography.  Use the Copy & Paste All into your document.  Any other features require the user to register for a fee.

EasyBib. Tips and tricks for getting your research started and creating presentations  Avoid plagiarism by citing your sources and creating a bibliography.  It's easy!  Click on the Citation tab to view examples and then click on the Bibliography tab to get you started on creating your bibliography.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Look up words and more!

What is good information? Gr. 6-9. Watch the video, Are my sources CRAAP? for tips.   Use this CRAAP Test Worksheet developed by Juaniata College.  Also watch the SAIT's recommended video on plagiarism.

Digital and Media Literacy. Go to This site is good for K-12, parents and teachers.

Why do I need to cite a source?  What is plagiarism? New links forthcoming.

Web Awareness Sites

National Geographic Kids Spotting Fake News.

Common Sense Media Need a review for a video or game?  Check here.  This site also provides numerous resources on digital citizenship for parents and educators.

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada. Educational resources for teachers and Tips and tools for parents.

Edutopia. Resources for parents and educators.  This site provides a collection of articles, videos, and more on internet safety, cyberbullying, digital responsibility and media and digital literacy.

Alberta Career information. How do I become a doctor?  Do I have what it takes to work in construction?  Find the career that's right for you at the Alberta Learning Information Services, Occupational Profiles site.

Need some more help navigating the information highway, contact Mrs. Schoell by email: or call: 403-936-4579 ext. 8304

For mental health book information visit:

- LearnAlberta's Online Reference Centre and scroll to Teen Health & Wellness.  Real Life. Real Answers. Use this database to find out more about diseases, drugs and alcohol, eating disorders, green living, grief and loss, mental health, sexuality and sexual health, nutrition and fitness, and much more. Videos, “ask Dr. Jan,” personal stories and hotlines are included. login LA53  password 4487

Download the free book, 'Dealing with Depression: Anit-Depressant Skills for Teens. Dan Bilsker, Merv Gilbert, David Worling and E. Jane Garland (2005)

McMaster Children's Hospital and search for the word, 'depression'

Alberta Health Services (under 'health information' link, My Child's Health Information, click on 'Info prescription) (use search words 'depression teens') For educators, parents and youth.

If you need more information call: Health Link Alberta toll free: 1-866-408-LINK (5465)

Find out how to take an active role in your family's online privacy by visiting


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