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Transitioning to Grade 10.

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Please click here for access to Alberta Educations "Course Sequence" for high school classes from grades 10 to 12.

Please click here for a one page PDF on the "Course Sequence" for high school classes from grade 10 to 12.

Please remember that Chestermere High School does offer some academic courses, such at Math 15, that fall outside of the Alberta Education "Course Sequence.
If you have any questions regarding these steps, please contact the administration at either Langdon School or Chestermere High School.


Frequently Asked Questions 2022-2023

School Culture:

During this year we focus on helping students to improve their 21st century skills and move to self-directed learning supported by One-to-One programming and Moodle.

Throughout the year students will experience and learn how to build a skill set that enables them to become an effective learning. Students will be asked to manage the quantity and difficulty of course outcomes with an increased pace of delivery. Students will be mentored in learning to advocate for their own learning needs and supports as they are transitioned into blended learning environments.


In grade 9 we are looking for solid leadership from our students.  We give them many opportunities to lead our school and grow their ability to effect change in their world.  They have a strong knowledge of Langdon School and have the ability to help children in all the levels.  There is a higher accountability for actions as students in all grades look towards them to be the example. Students will be active our student council to move the school forward in many initiatives.

Challenges of the Year

Some typical challenges in this year are the increased workload, managing the One-to-One Environment, mastering 21st century skills as they prepare to transition into high school.

Consistent changing for Physical Education, including proper footwear is mandatory in grade 9.  Some students find it difficult to be a positive leader in the school; we know that at this grade level their actions can have life changing effects.  We seek to support them in their decision-making through Classroom Culture Builder programs, 21st C Block for Cyber Safety, our health program and numerous events throughout the year.   Our school counselor is always available and on hand to help with support.  Ultimately however, their choices will direct the path for entrance into high school and success in life.

School Work Load:

The curriculum guides and expectations for students are located on our grade tab on our website.  However, you can expect that all course material will be placed on Moodle course sites and students will have access to class material 24 hours, seven days a week.  They will find: schoolwork links, assignment due dates, resources, forums, blogs, assignments, tests, and test dates on each Moodle class page. Students will be responsible to track missed assignments, test dates and homework as they transition towards self-directed learning.

Students will have an opportunity to redo assignment to improve marks, however to have this second chance students must hand the assignment in on time.  Our assignment policy and Academic Accountability System guide these practices.  We hold regular enrichment classes to aid students who are in need and we have a Learning Centre for all students who require help during the school day.


The primary mode of communication for the school as a whole is our Newsletters, Website and Email.  This communication is for informational items on school activities, initiatives, and items needing your response.  In our grade level you can expect to check our Google Calendar under the grade 9 website pages and Moodle shells for homework and grade specific events. Parents and students can regularly check the Power Parent for updated marks and comments for specific assignments. Teachers can be reached by e-mail, phone or appointment.  Please see our website, publications and Langdon Tube, to keep up to date on what is happening.

Technology in Classrooms:

We allow students to use personally owned devices (POD) in class at the discretion of the teacher.  Each student signs the Internet RVS Policy which clearly states the expectations of students.  Generally speaking, students are not permitted to use the cell phone feature during class time and are asked not to Text during class time.  If the POD is distracting them from their learning, this will be addressed with the student.  Students are able to use various forms of technology to represent their learning in class.  We encourage students to think ‘outside the box’ when working on Inquiry Projects given by their teacher.

Students in grade 8 and 9 require their own computer as they are in a one-to-one environment. Please see read the information on one-to-one and the safety course that accompanies it at by clicking here or going to our web site.

Items Unique to Our Grade Level:

    • Grade 9’s can play on junior varsity teams at Chestermere High but must declare before hand their intentions.  Students are not permitted to be on a High School JV team and a Langdon Team simultaneously.
    • 4-6 field trips throughout the year between $0 and $30 per trip
    • All students require a working computer at grade 9 - please follow this link for more information.  Please note that students using a tablet have experienced limitations in the past few years.


System Requirements

    • Laptops (Mac or PC) are strongly recommended as devices of choice for this initiative.
    • Netbooks and Tablets may be considered if they meet the following criteria:
      • Have a full QWERTY keyboard for typing;
      • Be capable of playing Flash (You Tube) videos;
      • Have installed Office Productivity software (Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Presentation) such as MS Office, Open Office, Polaris Office 3, or iWork;
      • Have wireless N networking with WPA connectivity.

Year End Exams

During the exam week, students in grade 9 are expected to write their exams and either remain at school for enrichment study-classes, or go home to study. Exams are written in the morning starting at 9 AM, attendance will be taken during the exams.  There will be a modified schedule during this week. We ask that parents/guardians call in or send a note if their child will be heading home to study.

Unique to Grade 9

    • Student’s do not need signed permission to leave school grounds at lunch
    • Student’s are not allowed to leave school grounds during snack break
    • Grade 9’s will visit Chestermere High for orientation and registration
    • Grade 9’s write P.A.T.’s  which are worth 10% of their final grade. (2022/2023)
    • Students plan a celebration at the end of the year to say goodbye and celebrate their success.
    • Take Your Kid to Work Day is the first Wednesday of November, talk to your employer if interested, click here for a permission form.
    • The Academic Accountability System (see website) occurs at this grade level
    • Students feel an increased workload which requires time management skills
    • Advanced Options (Art, Music, IA, Home Ec)
    • Meet often with principal for school generated ideas
    • Students are expected to use Koha to check their loans and online reference databases
    • This year there will be school based field trips enhancing themes covered in class. ($100-$200 total). 


Tips for parents

  1. Parents should encourage their children to review concepts on a regular basis regardless of upcoming assessments.
  2. Parents should encourage their children to try and perform their assignments to the best of their ability. If students are struggling with course material encourage students to seek extra support from their classroom teachers.
  3. Parents should have their children show and explain recently covered work to them as part of a regular review of important concepts.


Policies Regarding Assignments

Students who take courses at Langdon School can expect that they will have:

  • instruction during class time that will fully explain assignment requirements
  • adequate time to complete assignments before due dates
  • opportunity to ask questions during class time
  • opportunity to meet with teacher outside of class time.
  • opportunity to improve assignments by revising before the due date.
  • limited opportunity to improve mark by rewriting.


Redoing and Assignment

A second chance on an MARKED assignment is a privilege, not a right, and is subject to the following conditions:

  • the INITIAL assignment was handed in on the due date
  • some effort was displayed on the first assignment ‐ drafts, meeting with teacher, use of class time
  • ONLY one opportunity to revise assignment at teacher discretion
  • your rewrite is not simply the correction of mechanical errors

Assignments not Submitted by Due Date and Accountability Program

Students who do not submit assignments by the due date, and who do not speak with the teacher about deadline extensions, will be required to hand in the assignment regardless of the reason for not doing so.  Teachers will assign you to the Accountability Room for that week, this occurs during the enrichment time.  You can complete your assignment and hand it in during this time.  Please read this document for more information.

Late assignments will not be penalized by a reduced mark. The following conditions will apply:

  • there may be no descriptive feedback on the assignment
  • there  is no opportunity to revise the assignment
  • students may be required to attend the teacher enrichment, either before or after school, or at noon. You may be required to complete the assignment during the enrichment, and submit that for evaluation.

If you do not complete the assignment before they are handed back, other conditions will apply: you may be given another assignment, or you will be required to complete the assignment under limited conditions.

Plagiarism and Cheating

Plagiarism and cheating are serious issues of academic dishonesty and will be dealt with in a serious manner. If you have been found to have plagiarized on an assignment or cheated on a test, the following consequences will occur:

  • the administration will be informed and it will appear in your student record at this school
  • your parents will be informed
  • you will be given another chance to complete the assignment , under supervision, with a reduced mark

RECORDS of plagiarism will be kept by the administration. Subsequent incidents in any class will receive a mark of zero. Students will be suspended until re-admittance meeting with parents and Administration.

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