Welcome to Grade 4


Frequently Asked Questions

School Culture:

During this year we focus on helping students to become self-directed independent learners.

Throughout the year students will experience and hopefully learn how to take responsibility for their learning.  We have a leadership program in our classes to give students responsibilities and skills for follow-through, working together, taking ownership, and developing leadership qualities.  We focus our classroom activities on learning through the 21st Century attributes, in grade 4 this begins to really blossom.  As a school we use the Friends program to support students in making good choices in life. This occurs once a week and all information is located on our counselors website.

What are challenges my child may face?

Some typical challenges in this year are friendships, completing and returning homework, and transforming their thinking from “learning to read” to “reading to learn”.  If you child is struggling in any of the above please let us know so we can help.

School Work Load:

The curriculum guides and expectations for students are located on our grade tab on our website.  However, you can expect 20-30 minutes at home of reading and practicing basic facts. There are a few at home projects throughout the year.  Generally speaking however, most schoolwork should be completed within the school day.


The primary mode of communication for the school as a whole is our Newsletters, Website and Email.  This communication is for informational items on school activities, initiatives, and items needing your response.  In our grade level you can expect to communicate through the agenda, the grade 4 section of the website, phone calls, interviews and email.

Items Unique to Our Grade Level:

    • We participate in Daily 5 (daily reading)
    • Grade 4’s start Health Curriculum on Human Sexuality
    • Grade 4’s eat lunch in the Dragon’s Lair
    • Grade 4’s are permitted to use the 4 microwaves at lunch (line-ups are long)
    • Grade 4’s are allowed to use the vending machines at lunch time
    • Grade 4’s do not change for gym class but do need to wear suitable clothing and indoor footwear
    • Technology in our classroom includes; iPads, MacBooks, and iPods. We use technology for daily work, projects, and free-time (educational Apps and sites).
    • Usually three field trips at approximately $20.00 each
    • May have more than one teacher depending on the subject
    • Bikes and Scooters should be locked up at the bike racks
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