Grade 3


Frequently Asked Questions

School Culture:

During this year we focus on helping students to become more independent and responsible in their learning, and more of a leader in the classroom, school and broader community.  We work on developing 21st century competencies.  As a school we use the Friends program to support students in making good choices in life. This occurs once a week and all information is located on our counselor’s web site.

Throughout the year students will experience and hopefully learn how to solve social problems more independently, become more socially aware in terms of respecting themselves, others and the environment, improve their ability to make appropriate decisions, and grow as responsible digital citizens.

Some typical challenges in this year are becoming self-directed learners and taking responsibility for one’s own behavior.  Students also find they are needing to be responsible for looking after completing their schoolwork, which is new for them.

School Work Load:

The curriculum guides and expectations for students are located on our grade tab on our website.  However, you can expect that students will have to practice basic facts, read and learn words, do other unfinished work, prepare/practice for quizzes and tests (for about 30 minutes daily).  Literacy is large focus, therefore we hope that parents and children are reading to each other as often as possible.


The primary mode of communication for the school as a whole is our Newsletters, Website and Email.  This communication is for informational items on school activities, initiatives, and items needing your response.  In our grade level you can expect that students will use agendas daily to facilitate communication between home and school.  Teachers may also communicate with families via email.  The website is also used to share information on an ongoing basis.

Items Unique to Our Grade Level:

    • Swimming Lessons - typically for a week
    • Field Trip - usually 1 or 2 in a year (besides swimming)
    • Approximately 20 minutes of homework everyday (literacy, numeracy and other)
    • Learning recorder in music
    • Projects may be sent home throughout the year
    • Volunteers are welcome but a police check is required
    • Lunch is eaten in the classroom
    • One primary classroom teacher and possibly a few other teachers for various subjects
    • Learning Commons at least once a week
    • Music class is typically twice a week
    • Art class is twice a week
    • PE or DPA (daily physical activity) happens daily
    • FRIENDS for Life program
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