Grade 1

Frequently Asked Questions

School Culture:

Our goal is to build a community of learners where:

    • we support and encourage each other
    • we maintain a positive learning environment
    • every learner has roles and responsibilities
    • we put forth our best effort consistently

What are some of the “basics” students learn outside of the curriculum?

Throughout the year students will: work on becoming self-directed learners, learn how to advocate, develop basic problem solving skills, and will work on communicating effectively with a positive manner.

What are some typical challenges my child may face?

    • fatigue
    • following directions
    • listening effectively
    • conflict resolution
    • following rules and routines
    • heightened emotions

The Child Development Advisor is a resource for teachers and parents should your child be experiencing difficulties in this area.

School Work Load:

Students will require home support to be successful in grade one.

Curriculum guides and expectations for students are located on our grade tab on the Langdon School website.

Academically, grade one learning is focused around literacy and numeracy.

  • Literacy: Daily home reading experience, knowing letter sounds, learning 100 sight words, showing an understanding of the way words work, knowing reading strategies, showing an understanding of the text they’ve read, being able to write at least 5 simple sentences independently will some usage of conventions.
  • Numeracy: Establishing a basic number sense (0-20); skip counting by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s; beginning adding and subtracting; solving number problems and being able to communicate their mathematical thinking.


Primary Sources of Communication:

    • Newsletters
    • Langdon School website
    • Email
    • Agendas
    • Direct Communication

Volunteering in the Classroom:

Volunteers play a very important role in helping us to provide a quality education for all students. Moms, dads, and grandparents are certainly welcome. Volunteers may be asked to prepare classroom materials, read with students, prepare bulletin boards, photocopy materials, serve hot lunches, help in the library, accompany students on field trips etc. Those who are planning to volunteer at Langdon School are required to have a criminal record check. Please click here for more information.

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