Staff and students have been working on learning the MindUPTM Curriculum here at Langdon School. Students seem to enjoy learning about their brain and learning concepts and strategies to promote healthy social-emotional development.

Welcome to MindUP™

Helping Children Thrive in Learning and in Life.

“MindUP™ is a Social and Emotional Learning curriculum and framework for teachers that helps students flourish and become more resilient. MindUP™ is grounded in Neuroscience, activated by Mindful Awareness, inspired by Positive Psychology and a catalyst for Social and Emotional Learning. These four pillars inform a curriculum and framework of 15 lessons that, when combined with key principles and practices, helps develop self-regulation and focus in your students, along with an improved ability for them to work well with others.” The program focuses on developing the whole child and creating a positive influence    in the classroom and school culture, as well as improving the quality of life in general.


Why MindUP?

There are increasing levels of stress, anxiety disorder and ADHD in schools, as well as the rising incidence of school violence bullying and an increase in the number of child/teen suicides. MindUP can be implemented in the classroom, whole school or at the district level, in a variety of ways. We will explore this in the training.


MindUP provides a powerful program for students, the Hawn foundation reports that the benefits extend to teacher and even to family life.  67% of teachers who use MindUP have reported a decrease in their stress and improved teacher satisfaction. 72% of parents have reported that MindUP has contributed to greater family harmony and improved relationships at home.


MindUP is highly flexible and can be adapted to serve private and religious schools, including        schools that serve children with special needs.


MindUP is a scientifically oriented and evidence based program. MindUP is a CASEL approved SEL program and provides a powerful alignment with adopted curriculum. Additionally, MindUP provides teachers with content guides including suggestions for subject content in science, health, Language arts and math.


MindUP produces measurable results:

  • 90% of children improve their ability to get along with other children.
  • 82% of children become more optimistic.
  • 75% of children have better impulse control and less reactivity.
  • 75% of children improved their planning and organizational skills.
  • Absenteeism is down as are visits to the principals office and incidents of bullying.


About MindUP https://mindup.org/

MindUP for schools https://mindup.org/mindup-for-schools/

MindUP for families https://mindup.org/mindup-for-families/

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