Staff and studnets have been working eagerly implementing the MindUPTM curriculum here at Langdon School. Students seem to enjoy learning about their brain and learning concepts and strategies to promote healthy social-emotional development.

MindUP™ is a 15-lesson program for students, brought to life by a teacher in the classroom

MindUP™ is science-centric and evidence-based, with over 10 years of research conducted on the program’s efficacy

MindUP™ is grounded four core pillars: Neuroscience, Positive Psychology, Mindful Awareness and Social-Emotional Learning

MindUP™ has 15 lessons that teach activities around topics such as gratitude, mindfulness and perspective taking

MindUP™ provides an immersive discovery experience along with daily core practices, such as the guided “Brain Break” breathing exercise

MindUP™ drives positive behavior, improves learning and scholastic performance, and increases empathy, optimism and compassion


For more information about MindUP, click on link: https://mindup.org/mindup-mindful-classroom-framework-schools/

MindUPGuide for Parents, click on link: https://mindup.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Parent-Guide-File.pdf

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