Youth Addictions, Supports, and Resources

Youth Substance Use and Mental Health Services is dedicated to helping adolescents develop a lifestyle free from the abuse of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and gambling. "We work with youth, their families, professionals, and the community to address a full range of concerns related to adolescents and addictions. From education and information through to residential treatment and aftercare, AHS's Youth Addiction Services provides a continuum of services".
File How to Access Addiction Services
Youth Substance Use and Mental Health Services - Our Youth Addiction Services offers a wide range of substance abuse treatment services for adolescents (aged 12 to 17), and their families.
The Teen Brain - Why do Youth Act this Way?
Some helpful ways to explain to parents and teens how the teenage brain works.
Are Teenage Brains Really Different from Adult Brains?
Teenage Brain Development
Ted Talks - The Mysterious Workings of the Adolescent Brain
Sarah-Jayne Blakemore talks about the mysterious working of the adolescent brain. This video highlights how the prefrontal cortex develops in adolescents and offers insight into executive functions such as planning, self-awareness and understanding others’ perspectives.
Brainstorm: The Power and the Purpose of the Teenage Brain
CBC The Nature of Things: Surviving The Teenage Brain
CBC The Nature of Things: The Downside of High
Drug Free.Org
Frontline: Inside the Teenage Brain
Kids in the House
Mentor Foundation: Adolescent Brain and Vulnerability to Drug Use
National Anti-Drug Strategy
Prevention-Smart Parents Course and Resource List
What About Weed
What’s With Weed
Hold On to Your Kids
Book published by Gordon Neufeld.
Information for Parents
What should you do if your child asks you about alcohol, tobacco, other drugs or gambling? How can you get through to your teenager? What can you do if your spouse has a substance use or gambling problem that is affecting your whole family?
Alcohol, Gambling, Other Drugs, Tabacco
Alberta Health Services provides programs, services, treatment facilities and information about addiction and substance abuse. For more information, please click on link.
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