Healthy Eating in RVS

Healthy Eating Initiative. Rocky View Schools recognizes that healthy eating is an important part of growth and development and contributes to student learning. As such, RVS supports success in students by promoting healthy eating environments in all schools and by coordinating the efforts of people and resources within schools and across the jurisdiction.

Nutrition & Mental Health

Eating patterns associated with positive mental health outcomes.

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Eating Problems in Children and Youth

"Magazines and television are filled with pictures of very thin girls and women. Teens and even young children come to see this body type as normal and desirable. They may diet, often to excess, to change their weight. The result can be a body weight that is too low, leading to medical problems and a distorted body image " (Centre of Knowledge on Healthy Child Development, 2007).

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Keeping Lunch Safe

If your child’s school doesn’t have fridges or microwaves for students to use, it can be a challenge to keep hot and cold foods at a safe temperature until lunch. Keeping hot foods hot and cold foods cold can prevent the growth of unwanted germs that can make children sick. Food shouldn’t sit at room temperature for more than two hours, especially if it has meat, egg, cheese, fish, mayonnaise or poultry.

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