Parent Resources and Seminars/Workshops

File Child Anxiety: A Method for Parents in How To Reduce It
Here’s an interesting article about childhood anxiety and a method for parents to reduce it.
Amazing Kids is an 8- week course designed to promote children’s social development. Topics include self- esteem, managing emotions, friendships, conversation, and more! Our curriculum includes essential components for long- lasting outcomes, including parental involvement and tools to generalize skills to the real world. At the same time, parents will learn how to support their child and family’s well-being while connecting with other parents.
File Youth Development: Live Different
Live Different, a Canadian youth development charity, aims to inspire students to adopt a lifestyle of empathy and compassion for others. Students will be introduced to important empathic skills that they can continue to practice and develop. Please see attached Empathy at Home Activity for parents and guardians.
File Parent Session: Understanding Teen Mental Health through Exams and the Holidays
DATE: December 13, 2016 TIME: 6:30-8:30 WHERE: Langdon School. Everyone has mental health, teens included. This workshop will provide information to help parents and caregivers understand and support positive mental health for youth in their teen years. Learn to distinguish between normal feelings and behaviour of young people, and signs and symptoms of mental health concerns and issues. Relevant resources will be shared. REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. To register go to:
Synergy for Youth
Shout, Yell, and Child Safe Canada Courses (Langdon and Chestermere areas)
File Bullying in School and Online: What can parents do about it and how can they prevent it before it happens?
This presentation will provide parents with a better understanding of bullying at school and online. It aims to empower parents in recognizing signs that their child may be involved in school or cyber bullying. Strategies to help parents talk to their children about bullying, as well as ways parents can help keep their children safe online, will be provided. The ways in which parents can help when their child is involved in bullying will be highlighted. Additionally, prevention of cyber bullying through digital literacy will be discussed. Session: March 29, 2016 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm. Chestermere. Click on link for more information and to register.
File UNDERSTANDING SELF-HARM: Parent Information Sheet
This resource is to help you better understand non-suicidal self-injury and how best speak to your child.
Children's Link - Personalizing Resources for Students with Special Needs
File Town of Chestermere Community Resources Services
Serving Langdon, Chestermere and South East Rocky View. Working together to build dynamic communities that promote the strength and well being of all people. "Our goal is to connect you and your family to programs and services to support your everyday life". Please click on link for further information.
Family & Community Resource Centre
Located at the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the Family & Community Resource Centre is one of the essential components of the Alberta Health Services and helps to promote Family Centred Care in child health services. The Family & Community Resource Centre provides a comfortable and supportive environment where families, service providers, and community members can find reliable child health information, receive support, access child health education, and connect with community resources. For more information, please click on link.
Information Perscriptions
Information Prescriptions provide a list of recommended resources on a variety of child health topics or chronic illnesses. Staff and community partners who have expertise in the clinical area have carefully chosen these consumer-friendly resources.
Hold On to Your Kids, by Gordon Neufeld
Book published by Gordon Neufeld.
MedicAlert’s - No Child Without Program
MedicAlert’s No Child Without Program is at Our School The No Child Without program offers a free MedicAlert membership to students who attend our school and are between the ages of 4 up to their 14th birthday. If your child has a medical condition, allergy or is required to take medication on a regular basis then you should consider a MedicAlert membership through this program. MedicAlert is your child’s voice in an emergency, MedicAlert membership; • Gives emergency first responders immediate access to a your child’s medical information on their MedicAlert bracelet or necklet • Enables first responders to quickly obtain up to date medical information by means of the child’s Electronic Health Record through the 24 Hour Emergency Hotline. • Communicates with the parent or emergency contact upon activation of the Hotline • Allows free updates of the child’s medical record as needed MedicAlert identification can alert school staff, friends, coaches and others about your child’s medical condition should an emergency occur. For further information come to the CDA office for a brochure or go to To register your child, you will need a No Child Without brochure from the office. If your child is already part of the No Child Without program and there have been changes to their medical condition, medications or emergency contact information, call MedicAlert at 1-866-679-3220 to update your child’s file.
AHA Parenting
What is Aha! Parenting? You know what an Aha! Moment is, right? With our child, it’s that lightning flash of insight, when suddenly we see things from another perspective, and everything has the potential to be different. This website has Aha! moments for parents of every age child, from pregnancy right through the teen years (AHA Parenting, 2016,
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