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Hello all,

Welcome to another year at Langdon School! I am excited for another year of learning, laughs, and doing life together in Grade 6. For homework that your child forgot at school, or missed please have students log in to moodle. They can use their regular rvs username (without the @rvschools.ab.ca) and password. The moodle will be the best place to check for if you or your child missed a day of school or lost an assignment and need another copy. A link to your student's Moodle is below, it will require your student to login. The calendar, also found below and on the moodle has all of our school and class events as well as the due dates for assignments, so please consult that for important dates and information about events.

When not in the classroom you can find me fly fishing, motorcycle riding, snowboarding, or hunting. I also enjoy playing and coaching many sports. I look forward to getting to know the students and parents at Langdon School and having a wonderful year!

If you ever need to get a hold of me feel free to send me an email at lweigum@rvschools.ab.ca

Cheers, Lyle Weigum

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