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Tips for parents:

1. Please set aside  15 - 20 minutes each day to have your child practice his/her home reading book.  Raz Kids is also available for your child to access at home to practice reading on-line. razkids.com  password: klordc

2. Please refer to your child's "Ask Me About" (AMA) question in their agenda each day.  The intention of the daily message is to spark meaningful conversations about our daily learning.  Similarly, please encourage your child to share their "Key Learning" green duo-tang, which they bring home each Friday.  The purpose of the weekly Key Learning reflection is to provide students with a review of a key focus in our week and to share a snapshot of our learning!

3.  Sight Word Recognition:  Each week your child will practice five sight words with the goal of being able to instantly recognize the words in the context of their reading.  The words will be written in the agenda at the beginning of the week and students will practice their words in a variety of ways in our Daily 5 station work.  You can support your child at home by noticing the words in their home reading books or asking them to read their words to you.

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