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Links for Information on the RVS Report Card

We have pulled together information for parents and students on the report card on this page.

RVS Report Card


Parent Guide to Report Card PDF


Levels of Understanding Unpacked



Interviews will occur during the mid-term, where students can create goals at the conference.  You will receive a message from SchoolSoft our conference manager so that you can book with your child's teacher.


Report Card Letter Home 2018-2019

This year, Langdon School is excited to introduce Real Time Reporting. This new format of communication with our students and their families will allow for more comprehensive and timely information being made available to everyone.

PowerSchool will continue to be our means of distribution for the Real Time Reporting.
We will still provide a year-end report card that will be included in the students cumulative file.


Here is some information that may help you understand the document in greater detail and have a meaningful discussion with your child.

a)    21st Century Comments -  In each term report card, you will see comments from teachers on the various competencies.

b)   The “Academic Achievement Reporting Key” contains a way to understand the descriptors of “Mastering”,  “Advancing” and so on, this will be seen on the first page of the report card.   Middle-level parents can also follow their child’s progress on PowerSchool.

c)    You will also receive a more in-depth understanding of the Levels with the report card.  Teachers created definitions for clarity and for consistency amongst teachers.

d)   For each curriculum area that is identified (Math, Language Arts etc.), you will see the major strands of the Alberta curriculum.  The strands are the same from year to year, but the level of mastery or complexity, changes with each grade.  The goal for reporting in this way is for students to isolate what areas they need to grow in.  Middle levels, you will also receive an averaged percentage mark.


Recognition Assembly

You are welcome to attend our Recognition Assemblies for grades 6-9. We will also have this broadcasted on our Langdon website for parents, grandparents, guardians, who cannot attend. For information on the awards, please go to our website, click parent, and scroll down.



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