Welcome to Mr. Macartney's Home Page


Welcome to all students and parents of these children. A new school year is upon us and I wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Colin Macartney and this is my 31th year of teaching (25 years with the Rocky View Schools.)

This plone page is to help all of us communicate better with each other. Like many teachers, I use my Moodle pages with such folders to include newsletters, assignment homework and other assignments the students can use to help them out with their projects. Please log into my Moodle to see all the specific classes that I am teaching.  In each Moodle folder you will find related homework, calendars, course outlines, and links to other resources.

If you wish to contact me please email me at cmacartney@rockyview.ab.ca or call 403-932-4579 and have the office pass you onto my shop classroom.


Tips for parents:

  1. Parents should encourage their children to review concepts on a regular basis regardless of upcoming assessments.
  2. Parents should encourage their children to try and perform calculations without the use of a calculator as much as possible.
  3. Parents should have their children show and explain recently covered work to them as part of a regular review of important concepts.
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