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2015/16 Grade 4-12 Student Satisfaction Survey

PAT Information and SLA information

Alberta is moving forward with Curriculum Redesign, Rocky View Schools will begin phasing out PATs and implementing the pilot of the Student Learning Assessments (SLAs) for Grade 3 students in September 2015.  Pilot SLA for Grade 6 is scheduled for September 2016.

Grade 6 & 9 students will be writing PAT's this 2015-2016 year.

New Update: September 2015

Update: Grade 6 PATs and Grade 6 SLAs

The dates we plan to do the SLA's for Gr. 3 are: Sept 28 (LA digital), 30th (Math digital) , Oct 5th (LA Performance) and 7th (Math performance). No preparation is required for students.  We want students to feel relaxed when taking the tests.


(Alberta Education Site) Through our conversations with stakeholder groups, we have heard that more time is needed to ensure the Grade 3 SLAs are a valuable assessment tool for teachers, parents, and students before transitioning from PATs to SLAs in Grades 6 and 9. The second year of the Grade 3 SLA pilot administration will allow further opportunities to ensure that the SLA is a valuable tool.

As such, the Grade 6 SLA pilot will be rescheduled, with a target of fall 2016 for the first administration.

As a result, the May-June 2016 Grade 6 Provincial Achievement Tests will be a regular, full administration across the province.

Grade 3 students will participate in the pilot September 2015.  The results of the SLAs will be orchestrated at Alberta Education level.

SLA Literacy and Numeracy practice questions - students (presently in grade 2) who will be participating in the pilot should practice these questions
Quick Facts for Parents - communication to parents

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