Award Open to Every Grade 6 – 9 student at Langdon School

Apply online here:

$325.00 towards an activity which builds your leadership and creativity!

Melissa's Legacy...
Her Love of Children and Her Passion for Creativity and Life...

Discovering the Gifts and Abilities...
of the Students of Langdon School...
will Advance Their Passions and Dreams...

For more information please email
Application Deadline: Last Friday of April
Awards Assembly in June.


The Melissa Loewen Memorial Award


“Challenging the Students in their Journey towards Excellence, by Pursuing their Own Special Interests and Abilities through Hard Work… thereby Developing and Building them into a Skill.”

The Criteria Governing, the Melissa Loewen Memorial Award:


  1. The Melissa Loewen Memorial Fund is established for the benefit of the Grade 6 - 9  students at Langdon School, or should Langdon School ever close, the middle school for that attendance area and will be open to all Grade 6 - 9  students of Langdon School, whether it is Academic’s, Music, Art or Athletics.
  2. The Funds in the Melissa Loewen Memorial Fund are to be invested by, Rocky View Schools/Langdon School in G.I.C.’s or other secure interest bearing instruments at a financial institution which will mature each year on or around September 15.  Each year on or before October 15, a written financial statement along with the current year Fixed Deposit Agreement from the Bank of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Fund will be issued by Rocky View Schools/Langdon School and sent to Harold, Lori or Steve Loewen.
  3. Annual Disbursement Criteria of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Award:

a)    The maximum value of the award for 2019 will be $325.00 with a yearly review to be held by the liaison committee using the cost of the Average Camp as a Benchmark.

b)    Harold, Lori or Steve Loewen, however also wish to have the option to increase this amount at their discretion and after consultation with the Liaison Committee.

c)    When the cost of each year’s award has been established, Langdon School upon written request from Harold, Lori, or Steve Loewen will then release only the funds needed. Langdon School will then disburse the funds as allocated to the parents of the student/recipient.

4. All Grade 6 – 9 Students of Langdon School will be given the opportunity to apply online at: for the Melissa Loewen Award by telling Melissa’s Family, Harold, Lori or Steve Loewen, Simply and Sincerely 1.  What their Gift/Ability is and 2.  How they plan to develop and build that gift/ability if they are Chosen… Application Deadline the Last Friday of April.  Only one recipient will be chosen.  Presentation of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Award will be made each year at the June Awards Assembly.

a)    The award is to be used on or before August 31 of the current year the award was received or at the very least be registered in a program by this time.

5.  The recipient of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Award will not receive the cash value of the award, but will have a direct input as to where and how they would like their Award directed.  (eg. with a greater emphasis on specialized lessons, sports camps, summer camps, etc. and also but with less of an emphasis on educational supplies, tutoring, etc.)

6.  The yearly presentation of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Award is to be made by one of the following individuals which have been listed in order of preference:

a)    The previous year’s recipient is to make the announcement and the presentation to the new recipient and is strongly encouraged, before the announcement and presentation of the new recipient, to share what they did with the award and how it impacted, their life.
If this individual is unwilling or unable then…

b)    Harold, Lori, or Steve Loewen and or Nominee will be the next choice. If they are unwilling or unable then the…

c)    Principal of Langdon School or their designate will make the presentation.

d)    The yearly Award presentation will begin with a Video outlining a little bit about the Award and who Melissa was and her impact at Langdon School.


7. Harold, Lori or Steve Loewen will supply and/or maintain:

a)    the Melissa Loewen Memorial Plaque at Langdon School, on which the name of each year’s recipient will be added.

b)    And an individual plaque to be given to each year’s recipient of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Award.

8. To keep it current, the Melissa Loewen Memorial Fund must be reviewed and updated annually at our annual Liaison Meeting.

9. A Liaison Committee has been formed from:

a)    Community Representatives:
Stacey Dowdle

b)    Members at Large:
Trish Henry

c)    Family Representative:
Lori Loewen

The consensus of the Liaison Committee is that we should try to have our annual meeting during the month of October.

10. Benefit/Fund Raising:

As the Melissa Loewen Memorial Fund is a Public Trust, and the focus is on the Students of Langdon School, any and all benefit/fund raising, must be Family Orientated and must be approved by the Liaison Committee, Langdon School and the Loewen Family.  The entire process must be under the direct supervision by Representatives from the Langdon Community, Members at Large and the Loewen Family.

13.    At the beginning of 2018, Langdon School transferred all funds of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Award back to Rocky View Schools who will administer the finances of the Melissa Loewen Memorial Fund.

14. Sunset Clause:
If Harold, Lori or Steve Loewen, default on any one of the above criteria then the Rocky View Schools may then at their discretion implement the following Sunset Clause:
The first step is to notify, Harold, Lori or Steve Loewen by registered mail as to which item(s) is in default.  If the item(s), in default is not rectified by Harold, Lori or Steve Loewen within ninety (90) days of the date stamped on the registered letter, then Rocky View Schools may at their discretion, terminate the Melissa Loewen Memorial Fund by:

a)    Continuing the yearly awards by drawing the principle down to supplement the award until the principle is depleted, at which time the fund will be terminated.


b)    By drawing the principle down so the principle is depleted, by making a one-time investment, to the Music Department at Langdon School in honour of Melissa Loewen at which time the fund will be terminated.

Eg.  Our preference for the one time investment would be to purchase a musical instrument like a keyboard, etc.



a)    Harold & Lori Loewen
99 Edgeridge Circle N.W.
Calgary, Alberta
T3A 6J1
Contact Number:  Home:  (403) 280-4941
Cell:  (403)461-7653


b)    Steve Loewen
104 Covepark Place N.E.
Calgary, Alberta
T3k 6A1
Contact Number:  Home:  (403) 226-3689
Cell:  (587)228-2364



Updated:  October 2018

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