Fees at Langdon School

Fee's both Mandatory and optional with descriptions. Due October 31st yearly.

School Fee's

2017/18 DRAFT!


Other School Established Optional


Explanation of Fund Use

Track & Field


Plug-in Fees, Equipment, Facility Rental, Food for Refs, Commissioner, Supervision, Officials, Substitute Cost for host school, school uniform, possible wind up activity for students.

Grade 6 Volleyball


Grade 6 Basketball


Grade 6 Soccer


Junior A Volleyball


Junior B Volleyball


Junior A Basketball


Junior B Basketball




Grade 9 Golf




Other Fees

Field Trip costs (transportation and admission)


Field Trip costs cover transportation, venue, teacher substitute (if required).

Special activities (Clay for Kids, Swimming lessons)


To pay for cost of services and consumables


School Established Optional Course Fees


See Below for Explanation of CTF Model


Human Services

Recreational Leadership (formerly Outdoor Ed., Trust, Leadership and Sports Medicine)


Materials, activity manipulatives routinely purchased ( hands on experiences with materials that require constant repair and repurchasing (various apparatus), consumables



Materials, activity manipulatives routinely purchased (see description of option).



Food, paper and supplies, utensils etc., cleaning supplies, consumable items

Cosmetology and Esthetics


Make-up, supplies, cleansers, basic consumables, cleaning supplies




Maintenance of Camera's, licensing of photo editing suites, colour and ink costs, high-quality paper.

Creativity & Design Studies (Level 1 and **Level 2)


Materials, clay, leather, glass, metal, jewels, cleaning agents, tools, consumables.

Fashion Studies


Materials, supplies specific to using sewing machine, photocopying of patterns, fabric etc.


No Cost

Communication Technology (formerly animation and (*new) audio/visual)


License Fee's for program, materials for drawing animation, maintenance of camera's, possible use of 3-D Printer, CAD Software, Clay making material

Art (and Advanced Art)


School will cover basic art supplies, however, middle-level project fees include, textiles, unique paints, brushes, 3D Polymer, Ink,  draft paper, high-end utensils (consumables), stencils, artisan paints, materials for optional projects (wire, transparency, ink, shirts, polymer)

Students may choose projects which require material out of the scope of what is provided. (Eg. using the T-Shirt Machine, 3D Printer) These projects will have a nominal fee depending on the project.

Band (6-9)

$30 + Rental

Music Scores, material costs, maintenance of instruments




Robotic Kits, Mindstorm Kits, Licensing for software, replacement of parts routinely, batteries, wires

Management and Marketing


Materials, activity manipulatives routinely purchased (see description of option)

*Enterprise and Innovation


Trifolds, paper, art supplies

Information Processing (formerly Tech.)


Website creator Licensing Fee, school computer maintenance


Wildlife and Forestry


Guest Speakers, copyright videos, materials for inquiry (trifold, etc)

Eco- Langdon/ Environmental Stewardship

(Improve your school!)


Materials to cover individual student projects - Inquiry based


Woodworking 1 & 2  -(Woodworking & Construction Design)


All materials pertaining to Industrial Arts (eg. Wood, nails, screws, bits, photopaper), maintenance of machines, paint, consumable items



Robotic Kits, Mindstorm Kits, Licensing for software, replacement of parts routinely, batteries, wires
































































































*New CTF Options this year

What is CTF?

“CTF supports flexible, interdisciplinary learning where students explore interests and passions while making personal connections to career possibilities and technologies associated with various Career and Technology Studies (CTS) occupational areas. CTF is designed to be a unique curriculum that allows students to learn about occupational areas. Students will develop skills in the areas of business, communication, human services, resources, and technology while working through engaging challenges.” (Alberta Ed)

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