Learning Commons Do's

Includes rules about student behaviour, signing out books and overdue items.

Novels, eBooks, graphic novels, audio books, iPod, iPad, android…even from the clouds…keep reading! Students sign out Learning Commons resources and are reading and listening to e-books via TumbleBooks and TumbleBook Cloud. Students are reminded that it’s their responsibility to remember when their library books are due.  Thank you to all who are diligent and return their books on time and in good condition!

Student Behaviour

1.  Polite and quiet behaviour is expected.

2.  Enter the Learning Commons by walking.  Running is for gym time.

3.  Students must ask permission to leave the Learning Commons.

4.  Eating and drinking is to be done during break time in the Dragon's Lair.

Number of Books Students Can Sign Out

Students in grades K-3 are encouraged to use the "Five Finger Rule" when choosing their books. Five Finger Rule

-Kindergarten : 1 Book

-Gr. 1 -- 1 Fiction and 1 Non-Fiction. Students will start signing out non-fiction books after Jan.

-Gr. 2 --  2 or 3 Books (depending on the class), must have a minimum of 1 Fiction and 1 Non-Fiction.  One book must be a book the student can read well on their own.

-Gr. 3-9 -- 3 Books, must have a minimum of 1 Fiction and 1 Non-Fiction.  As students may require more than their limit to do research, the amount will be flexible.  Overdue or lost books will also be taken into consideration.

Overdue Books

-If students are at their limit for books, then they cannot sign out another book until their overdue books are returned.  Students are to use Koha, an online program, to check for their sign outs.

-Students are expected to pay for any lost or damaged books and textbooks.

-Staff may borrow material for the school year and are encouraged to return materials as quickly as possible so others may use the material

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