At Langdon, the Learning Commons is a busy place where students can sign out traditional books, read e-books, do research, access technology, go online to search the web or databases, create with Creation Station activities, or just to quietly read as they explore their interests. This page provides information about the Learning Commons and some of the services offered.

Welcome to the Learning Commons!

The LC, also known as the Learning Commons, offers literacy support by providing a safe and supportive environment with physical and virtual spaces that engages students to ask questions and make new discoveries about the world around them. This room works in tandem with the Pit Stop. A plethora of print, non-print and e-resources are available to students and staff to pursue their learning inquiry. The Learning Commons Facilitator, Mrs. Marlene Schoell, and the School Computer Technician, Mrs. Mayette Schrauwen, are part of the school's specialised and facilitating staff to "support research, technology learner needs and model 21st century competencies.

Snow Many Books! Students will become aware of the many genres of literature.  Follett e-books will be also be a focus for this year.  Class LC orientation, keeping in mind 21st. century skills, prepares students to utilise the space and the numerous resources available to them.

There are new books and old favourites.  Come see what’s available today or visit the Koha page.

Scholastic Book Fair held from Oct. 30- Nov. 3 was a success! Many of the new titles added are a result of the Wild West Book Fair.  Thank you for your support!

Thinking about volunteering at the school?  The Learning Commons is always in need of a helping hand especially during book fair time.

Grades K-5 have a scheduled LC time during the week. The schedule can be found on the Parent Resource page.

Grades 6-9 students may visit the Learning Commons with their class or can drop in during their recess.

Students use the LC to access a variety of resources and technology for them to finish their homework or for recreation.  Students can choose to: read, check out books,make discoveries about the world around them or, just relax.

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