Welcome to the Learning Commons!

Welcome to Langdon School's Learning Commons! It is a place where students can access the resources they need to support their learning. Books, digital resources, computers, i-pads, VR technology, and more are all available to students and staff. If you have questions or need help finding a resource please contact Mrs. Schoell, the Learning Commons Facilitator. Mrs. Schoell is available by phone at 403-936-4579 ext. 8304 or by email: mschoell@rockyview.ab.ca


Where will reading take you? Whoville? Hogwarts?  Outerspace or around the world? Reading takes you places!  How? Take a trip or discover something new by reading books, e-books, road maps, recipes, comics, magazines, audio-books, or even watching videos! There is something for everyone.

Visit Chestermere and Strathmore public libraries for summer fun! Teens can read e-books and more on the Marigold system’s teensbookingit site.  Walk, run or ride to one of Langdon’s “Little Free Libraries.” For more information, contact Mrs. Schoell .

Stock up on summer reads! During the monthe of June, students may choose up to 2 previously loved books from the "Little Free Libarary" bin in the Learning Commons.

If you haven’t tried Epic!, what are you waiting for? Visit the site or download the app to begin reading some amazing books for children ages 5-12.

Thank you to students, parents and staff for making the Learning Commons an exciting place for research, reading, and discovery! Have a wonderful summer!

***Important Dates***

May 27-May 31 -- Last week of borrowing books. Only novels or texts absolutely needed for classroom use to be signed out.  Students may choose 1-2 marked deselected from the LC's "Little Free Library" bin.

June 3-7 -- LC books to be returned. Overdue notices sent to classes.  Koha automatically sends out date due and overdue notices.

June 10-14 -- Last week of scheduled gr. K-5/6 LC classes. All  Learning Commons books to be returned this week unless they're required for projects or exams. Lost and or damaged titles to be paid for.   Textbook returns may start.

June 17-21 -- Textbook returns begin. Gr. 6-9 students are to return their textbooks to the LC upon completion of their exams.

Note: Gr 6 & 9 students can use their texts to prep for their P.A.T. exams and return their text the morning of that exam.

June 24-27 -- Lost and or damaged fees are to be paid. Please make cheques payable to Langdon School.  Fees not paid will be charged via School Cash.  Misplaced texts and books can be returned anonymously to the school.

**Gr. 9's to ensure all textbooks and LC books are returned. This is especially eimportant as charges will follow them to the high school.

Please check all around the house for school textbooks and LC/Library books. Students who have any books that are missing or are damaged will be charged for them Thank you to all who return their books on time!

*Students can see what they have due by logging into their account on the Koha OPAC page. Follow the instructions on the page.

Keep Calm and Oooooh!  New Books! Click on Koha, "New Titles" page to view all the amazing titles recently added.  New books are being added weekly!

New Bookshelf

Spring cleaning? Please check your home and your child's Koha record for school books that are long overdue. If you are receiving a Koha email, it means that there is either a hold, book due back, an outstanding overdue or lost book. Once an item is returned, Koha will not send out a notice.

New to the LearnAlberta's ORC page are Indigenous databases: Gord Downie's The Secret Path (Gr. 5-12), Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada (Gr. 5-12), and, Indigenous Peoples: North America (Gr. 7-12).

LC Club News. Thank you to all the grade 4-9 students who have diligently participated in the LC Club even when the weather is warm! The Pizza Party, held May 14 celebrated club members service.  Over 60 students were in attendance with 20 prizes won.  I have been blessed to work with an amazing group of young people! Readers are leaders!

Thank you to all the parent volunteers!  Your time and talents have contributed to a successful year! Bouquets to Ms. Cori Nicholls and Ms. Amanda Deeter-Shorhen for your dedication throughout the school year. Your efforts are deeply appreciated by myself, students and staff!  Rest. Relax. Read.

Access eBooks via Follett’s Destiny Discover app (free to download). Click on the above Destiny Discover eBooks or go to www.gofollett.com Students login using their RVS school id for Google documents or Moodle.  Note:  If you have downloaded the free, Destiny Discover app, you may have to update it.

Homework?  Check this page first! The Student Sites on 2Learn.ca provide homework links for K-12. Another important site often overlooked for studying or homework help is LearnAlberta’s Online Reference Centre which provides free, K-12, databases for literacy and research.  Click on the above Digital Learning Resources button for more resources.

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