Learning Support Team

Welcome to the Learning Support Team Home Page. Learning support staff are teachers who provide inclusive and pull-out support to small groups of students throughout the day. This support is in addition to classroom programming. Learning support teachers are available for consultation and programming assistance upon teacher's request. We work hard to communicate with classroom teachers on a regular basis to ensure support is consistent and tailored to each students needs. Parents are welcome to contact any teacher on the learning support team, regarding their child's individual needs.

Our aim is to provide a learning environment which includes success for all learners, where the focus is on meeting as many student needs as possible each day.

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Areas of Expertise are as follows:

Shelagh Winkler - K-5 Learning Support Teacher/Early Literacy

Leigh-Anne O'Brien- Gr. 6-9 Learning Support Teacher

Student Support Model


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What is the Pit Stop

We want to empower our students to take ownership of their education, this can occur on many levels.  This year we introduced the PIT Stop into our community.  The PIT Stop is defined as, Personal Intervention and Tutoring.  It is an area where students can come and receive academic assistance during class time.  It is open to the entire school and students can access the area whenever needed.  This room is staffed with teachers and resource aids.  We have found that the walls of stigma have fallen down when it comes to students seeking extra help. There are times in a student’s life where they need a place other than the classroom to slow down the pace, and receive some assistance in a more directed fashion.  Students can ask the teacher to go to this room or a teacher can send a student down for a specific purpose, this is the Intervention aspect, where a teacher may ask that a student receives intense work on a specific concept for a set time and then reintegrates into the class setting. The statistics of students, who have sought this assistance in a self-directed manner, is fantastic. As students become more self-aware of what they require, this area will continue to serve their needs.

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