Motivation Assemblies

Our goal for all our assemblies is to influence real change in our school culture.  We focus on empathy, choice making, courage, and caring. These assemblies grow and change throughout the years, we have listed some of our most recent speakers.  We see all our students as individuals who have needs and who can be great in their own right.  Today "bullying" is being used as a word that not only describes an action, but it is starting to describe individuals.  We don't see children in this light, we choose to believe that all students can decide who they want to be and it is our job to direct them and encourage them to be their best.

The Ned Show (Gr. K-6) - Never Give up, Encourage Others, Do Your Best (Every Year or 2)

Teaching three critical skills, the story of a loveable cartoon character NED® is designed to give students the tools they need to become Champions at school and in life. NED’s name serves as an acronym that makes the message easy to remember – Never Give Up, Encourage Others and Do Your Best®.

Gym Blast 

Date: Thursday, February 16, 3017

Time: Grades 6 & 7 - 8:45am

Grades 8 & 9 - 10:30am

Place: gym

Presenter: Youth Unlimited

Gym Blast is a high energy, jam-packed, fun-filled, 1 ½- 2 hour, morning or afternoon motivational assembly full of games, geared for students from grades 7-12.

Gym Blast will promote, school spirit, teamwork and group effort. Through participating in the physical activities with their team, the students will encounter character development to be honest, fair, inclusive and caring for others. Each game is designed for fun and team co-operation. Scores are kept at each event for motivational purposes but we strongly emphasize that winning isn’t the most important thing.

“Play Hard…Play Fair…Play Safe”.

For more information about Gym Blast, visit

Dwayne Peace - The Truth About Drugs (Gr. 9 Yearly) and Drinking (Gr. 8 Yearly), Cyber Bullying (Gr. 7 Yearly)

Date: January and February, 2016 (Pink Shirt Day)

Time: 2 Separate Days (Jan and Feb)

Gr. 7 to 9 - 10:30 (1.5 hours) - age related topics

Place: Gym



No Time for That - Rachel Ashley (Elsie Morden)(2015) (Gr.6-9)

The “No Time for That” Tour, presented by No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society, began in November 2012 when founder, Elsie Morden, started visiting local schools free of charge during her senior year of high school. A victim of severe bullying herself, Elsie tells her stories and experiences, and performs songs that she has written, which all relate to bullying and how to overcome tough times. It is so important to focus on the positive and what makes you happy, and to not let people or things bring you down. Elsie and "No Time for That" Tour hope to share their messages of empathy and empowerment with as many youth as possible to encourage them to follow their dreams, make positive life choices, and prevent/stop bullying.


Youth Development - Live Different (Gr. 6 to 9)

Time: 9:00am

Place: gym

Hour-long School Presentation  Empowering Life Stories Inspiring Videos  Live Band  
This is the character development presentation that students, parents, and teachers will thank you for bringing to your school! You'll capture your students' attention and transform them with a message that matters.
Trusted by Canadian schools for over 16 years
We've presented to over 1.1 Million students in 2,300 schools over the last 15 years.
After experiencing a Live Different presentation, 98% of educators rank it better than most presentations they have had in their school.
What makes our presentations different?
Most programs lecture on outward behaviors/symptoms (which research shows can be counter-productive). Our positive approach cuts through to root causes and mindsets, igniting change from within.

XX">"In my 17 years in education this is the best loved student assembly I have ever been to. Students were literally hugging me in thanks for bringing LIVE DIFFERENT in."
Lorna Cameron, E.W. Pratt High School
"Finally a presentation that gets it right.  The perfect mix of a meaningful message presented in a fun and entertaining way.  I'm looking forward to having them back next year!"
Gary Watson, Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School


Motivational Media - (K-5)(6-9) Anti-Bullying, Encourage Students to Make a Difference (Yearly Elementary)

Motivational Media Assemblies (MMA) is the school event division of the National Alliance for Youth Development (NAYD), the international think-tank and youth leadership training organization. The NAYD is a non-profit educational company founded on the principles of integrity, faith, creativity,respect and love. Our mission is to encourage, inspire, challenge and motivate all young people and educators, regardless of race, creed, age or gender, to rise up and strive for personal excellence, responsibility and leadership in every day life.



Students work with leaders to make a difference in their community and world. Our Global Fundraiser is through the Free the Children network.  Incredible influence on our student leaders.

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